Let's save humanity...

...one person at a time. Premiere:

See the world through the eyes of heroes from the future!

I invite you on a journey to 2120, to the world of heroes who know earthly life only from lessons, stories, books and old diaries. To the world of our descendants, who thanks to nanobots - links - communicate in their thoughts, live in peace, know mutual motivations, intentions, fears and dreams.
Have they lost or gained more by living in unanimity ?
How do they perceive the problems of the 21st century?
What do they think about our culture, decisions, conflicts, values, and priorities?
What do they want to tell us?
What will they learn by getting to know our life?
Will they save their humanity?

"hTraE 2120 - Lesson" book by M. J. Rogalska

Welcome to 2120!

hTraE is a fictional planet inhabited by the descendants of terrestrial emigrants from 2050. The main character, Triv, learns about the fate of her ancestors in biology, history and physico-chemistry lessons as well as during conversations with family and friends. 

Life in 2120 is beautiful and harmonious. Triv is convinced that the civilization she lives in rightly won the earthly war for human souls ... until she starts having dreams tied to Earth and her Earth-born grandmother's diary falls into her hands. Filled with feelings unknown on hTraE, the stories begin to awaken Triv, showing her a different Earth history from the one assimilated during the lectures.

The slight hint of doubt turns into a sonorous melody as the sky above hTraE is torn apart by an explosion that disrupts links and breaks the collective thinking of the community ... and when Gabriel starts showing Triv the positive side of humanity that has lost unanimity.

And this is not the end of surprises ...